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Specials Page Management

Specials Page Management
Deliver up to date on sale vehicles to your shoppers every week.

Our Specials Page solution continuously promotes relevant deals to your shoppers across the entire website experience. Consumers see savings for the cars they want, allowing for quicker and more direct website engagement that results in a stronger relationship with your dealership.

Managed services offers a superior user experience across every device while providing you with confidence that your ads will always shine.

What You Get:

  • Ad vehicles replaced three to five times per month.
  • Consistent ad management.
  • Branded page layout to blend with your site.
  • Personalized contact response.
  • Daily specials monitoring.
  • Management includes monitoring and vehicle replacement
  • Custom ad campaign graphic available.
Added to website pacakage. $50.00 per month
Specials page management only. $129.00 per month



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